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About Us

Giving your child the best start in Life

During the first five years of a child’s life, their brain exhibits astonishing sponge-like abilities, fostering unparalleled growth in language, thinking, reasoning, social and emotional skills. Our certified teachers at Joyful Stars British Nursery provide a globally holistic experience for children through the highly effective Creative Curriculum. We strive for focused care by providing separate rooms for infants aged 6 weeks to 12 months and toddlers aged 13 to 24 months to cater to their individual needs. Join us in witnessing your child’s new discoveries, firsts, and advancements in physical, cognitive, social, and emotional abilities. Collaborating with parents, we prioritize differential teaching to ensure each learner receives the utmost attention and care.
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Our Team

Our Management

Meet the team behind our nursery: Mrs. Benazir Syed, our founder, has a deep understanding of the needs of aspirational Emirati families. We believe in child-initiated learning and teacher scaffolding to develop important core values like mindfulness, love for learning, reflection, and pride in identity. Our CEO’s, Mr. Aslam Usman and Mr. Sathar Mansoor Ali, both successful business entrepreneurs, share our passion for developing children’s potential. Together, we identified the perfect location to create the infrastructure necessary for optimal delivery of the EYFS curriculum and achieve our mission of developing each child’s individual potential. Join us on this exciting journey of growth and discovery!

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About Principal

Mrs. Seema Saand is an innovative educational professional & trainer with over 18 years of administrative leadership expertise in designing and delivering training programs Specializes working with young children in soft skill training and Committed to encouraging a continued passion for educating and mentoring students and faculty to ensure a school atmosphere that is respectful and motivating. Collaborative and resourceful facilitator fosters a school culture where mentorship, relationship building, and advocacy are essential to academic success. Empowering leader with a proven track record of increasing student achievements and directing teacher professional development. Unwavering focus on creating a supportive relationship between students, staff, parents, and the community.


At our organization, we believe that sparking creativity in infants is crucial to their development. By providing a supportive environment for exploration and experimentation, we aim to help them uncover their interests and passions. Through this process, we hope to nurture their unique gifts and foster a love for creative expression.


We believe in a philosophy that prioritizes wisdom over knowledge. We aim to inspire children to aspire towards meaningful goals, rather than simply pursuing ambition. Through our approach of learning through play, we hope to create an environment that fosters creativity, exploration, and joy in the process of learning.
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Our vision is to equip children with essential skills, knowledge, and values that will enable them to develop a strong inner voice in the fast-paced twenty-first century. By instilling critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence, we aim to empower them to face any challenge with confidence and resilience. Through our approach, we hope to prepare them to become informed, compassionate, and responsible global citizens.